Information to kitten buyers
We make an individual assessment of each kitten in terms of mental maturity. This means that it may vary somewhat as to when the kittens leave our home. Usually they are ready to move when they are between 14-16 weeks, while some gets to stay for some additional time.

Kittens sold as companion pets are neutered before they leave our home, they are fully vaccinated and dewormed. Health certificate, certified pedigree and buyers contract from NRR follows the cat, in addition we also make a kitten package for the baby to bring to the new home. The kitten package contains dry food for a couple of days, a blanket, some toys and food bowls.

We are selective as to how many of our kittens are sold to breeders, since we feel that it is important to make sure that single individuals are not highly prevalent in the geen pool. If you want a kitten for breeding from us, we would like information about which qualities you wish for from our cats into your breeding program, and also your general views on breeding Maine Coon.

If you want a kitten from (N)Angric Maine Coon, please send us an e-mail where you tell about yourself. We wish to know about our kittens’ new homes, therefore it is important for us that we get information about you and what you can offer our precious babies. We look forward to hearing from you!